There’s nothing like an out-dated, tired, damaged – or even non-existent backsplash to ruin the look of your kitchen. It can be the focal point of the kitchen.  Aside from aesthetics, a well done backsplash serves the purpose of protecting your homes drywall and structure from potential water damage.  It’s important that it’s done right!


Is your current fire place an eye-sore?  We specialize in renovating and beautifying fireplace hearths.  There are so many gorgeous materials and products to choose from and we have the skill and expertise to install them all!  From faux stone to tile, the choices are endless.


Nothing says bathroom-luxury like a walk in shower enclosure.  Personalize your walls and floor/basin with the product or your choice!  Add value to your home while enjoying its functionality and beauty at the same time!  Let us enhance your shower experience and provide you and your family a ‘spa-experience’ every day!


Natural Stone Tile

Tiles made from natural stone include Travertine, Granite, Marble, Slate, Limestone, and many more.  They are produced from natural materials that are quarried, slabbed, finished, and then cut to size.  They are a excellent choice when wanting to add a natural look and feel to your project.

Natural Stone Tile Natural Stone Tile

Ceramic Tile

This type of tile is made from clay materials that are quarried, prepared, then formed into a mould. Since these tiles are manufactured, the colour, size, and shapes choices are literally limitless! What’s most beneficial with this type of tile is that they are often more sturdy and durable than many of the Natural Stone Tiles.

Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tile

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are also formed from lay and minerals, but it contains 50% of a white dust or sand known as ‘feldspar’. Feldspar is a type of crystal found in rock that acts as a "flux" during the kiln-drying process, melting into a glass-like material and bonding all of the moulded ingredients together.

Porcelain TilePorcelain Tile

Stacked Stone

Stacked Stone has quickly become one of the most popular design trends within homes and business alike. This product provides the authentic look and feel of natural stone, but less maintenance and a far less expensive price tag.

Stacked Stone Stacked Stone

Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles are available in many different styles and sizes, and an almost endless array of colors and finishes. They do not absorb moisture, which makes them a good choice for the bathroom or kitchen. They also do not become stained, and can be easily cleaned.

Glass Tiles Glass Tiles

Faux Brick

Faux brick is quite easy and fast to install, and is also quite budget friendly. It is perfect for updating the look of a fireplace or for a kitchen backsplash. There are many different types and colours to choose from.

Faux Brick Faux Brick